Assembly Program

One Wizard Halfcourt Show for up to 500 elementary school students $1200

The Harlem Wizard players make an instant connection with your students. Whether you are an elementary, middle, or high school, we will create big time excitement, laughter, and fun. For middle schools and high schools, we recommend our two man show, if your budget permits, so we can include high-flying dunks.

The Wizards players bring a bigger than life presence and enthusiasm to every school visit. The show includes, tricks, comedy, and student and teacher participation. The one man show can be held in a gym, all-purpose room or even on stage or on a blacktop.

We have also added more fun-fitness participation for all the kids during the assembly program. When space permits a segment of the show will include all kids being motivated to move and

Besides the fun, the Wizards can include an educational message on such topics as teamwork, respect, hard work, well-being, and kindness/anti-bullying.

Want to add a second Wizard?

Cost: $750

Want to add additional shows?

Each additional show is approximately 50% off

Want to add Wizard PE Live workshops to your assembl(ies)?

Let us know and we will share this information.

What are the travel fees?

  • Local:  (NY, NJ, CT, eastern PA) 1st 50 roundtrip free, then 75¢ a mile (plus tolls) from the Harlem Wizards office in Fairfield, NJ).
  • Nationwide:  If within 50 miles of previous and following day’s shows, no travel fee.

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