Kids Win Big With This Fun Fitness Elementary School Donation-Based Fundraiser

The WizFit Challenge is our spin on fundraising and fitness. You can have the magic, star-power, and motivation of the Wizards right in your school!

An exciting and fun interactive assembly...

kicks off this two week donation-based, fun-fitness fundraiser. It can be held in-person (indoors or outdoors), or virtual.

Graduation Day celebration 

WizFit culminates with two Harlem Wizard players celebrating with the kids in-person (in a gym or outside area with flat surface) or virtually.

A two-week, motivating P.E. curriculum

This includes six video workouts that can be part of P.E. class or followed at home on the WizFit portal.

A custom web portal to help with fundraising

In three minutes, a parent can create a web page for their child to attract donations and share with friends and family their child's WizFit Challenge progress.

An exciting selection of Wizards souvenir prizes

Fun incentives motivate kids to meet donation levels. Retail value of the souvenirs is 50% of the total donations! They are included in your package, with zero extra charge.

The WizFit Challenge brings it all together.

This fundraising program combines fun, fitness, tricks, and character education with a safe and engaging means of fundraising. Kids who want to support their school can collect donations with our easy-to-use software.

And did we mention prizes? No matter how much kids help raise for the community, they win awesome Wizards gear.

Want to learn more? Watch this video, or read on ...

Wizfit is a Slam-Dunk! Here’s Why:

  • Camaraderie

    Getting WizFit together, and having a ball doing it! Teachers will lead the charge with their version of the "WizFit Shuffle"

  • Fantastic Fundraising

    The potential is big! Each kid has a custom page for friends and family to donate to and see the child's progress.
  • Fun Exercise

    The Wizards infuse kids with a love for exercise.

  • Generous Cool Prizes

    Everyone Wins! Sign up and win a light-up bracelet. Also prizes for completing the challenge and for donations.
  • It’s Easy

    We can have your custom WizFit donation/challenge platform up and ready to roll out to your families in 1 hour!
  • Kid Friendly Web Pages

    Kids get a fun login area to track their own progress and engage with interactive challenge videos.

What is WizFit?

  • Wellness

  • Imagination

  • Zero Hate

  • Fun

  • Integrity

  • Teamwork

  • The WizFit Challenge is an easy, turnkey donation-based fundraiser that excites students and brings your community together.
  • Over two weeks students will watch a series of six cool interactive videos where they will get fit, learn tricks, have fun, and be coached on character by the Wizards.
  • Teachers will lead the way for the kids with their creative participation in learning and performing “The WizFit Shuffle”
  • Parents earn Students a light up bracelet  just for participating (Takes 3 minutes to register)!
  • Kids win prizes for completing the fitness challenge.
  • Cool Wizard Souvenirs (shown below) are incentives for kids to meet donation levels.
  • Slam-Dunk Software that allows parents to create a unique fun website and page to share with family and friends, providing an easy platform to make donations. Schools get a robust user-friendly back-end to track everything!
  • Custom-kick off video to share with your students and school families to get them excited!
  • The WizFit Challenge can be booked in tandem with our classic Teacher vs. Harlem Wizards game.
  • GRADUATION CELEBRATION DAY– All students get a full period with the Wizards. They put together what they have learned in the two weeks, including basketball tricks, dancing, and a fun set of exercises. Get ready for a day filled with fun, entertainment, excitement, and movement!

Participants who complete the WizFit Challenge can earn these cool Wizard souvenirs!

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