Love your next fundraiser!

The fullcourt Wizards vs. Teachers game is an exciting spectacle your community will enjoy for years!

A Wizards show is an event that combines aspects of big time productions with hometown community flair.

Groups such as PTOs, PTAs, Booster Clubs, Project Graduation, All Classes, Key Clubs, Rotary and Lion's Clubs as well as numerous other charities and non-profit groups use the Wizards to raise funds and delight their community.

Basketball aficionados are treated to great skills, teamwork, slick dribbling, alley-oops and crazy slams. The non-hoop fans attending will find out that this is much more than just a basketball game. The night is funny, theatrical, exciting and spectacular and the gym will reverberate with oohs & aahs, laughter, enthusiasm, and much much more.

Typically, communities that "discover" the Wizards bring the team back year after year. Discover the awe-inspiring Harlem Wizards basketball show. Contact us now for more details, or read the frequently asked questions below.

Why book the Wizards?

You can raise a lot of money while having an incredibly fun, awe-inspiring, interactive family event, with tools and a template for success provided, that brings your entire school and community together!

Who do the Wizards play?

A team of teachers from your school and other neighboring schools in your area or district. We recommend you recruit the most popular teachers as they're a big draw too!

Is it just a basketball game?

This is like a Broadway show on a basketball court. Get ready for high-flying entertainment and fun. From the time the Wizards step onto the court to themed music, with our own MC and sound system pumping, and our team of 6 talented players with electric personalities delivering a choreographed trick and slam routine, the gym is rocking! Our team will feature tricks, music, dunks, comedy, dancing, and audience participation. It is an awe-inspiring, two-hour basketball show including an autograph session!

How Much Money Can We Make?

Typical profit is between $5,000-$20,000. The high amount earned last season by one group was $45,000. You can raise money from the following:

  • Ticket sales: You can make up to 52%.
  • Wizard souvenirs: You will provide 6-8 volunteers to sell Wizards' souvenirs and earn between 20-25% of the proceeds.
  • Concessions: You keep 100% of the profits
  • Raffles, 50-50s: You keep 100% of the profits
  • Local sponsorship opportunities: You keep 100% of the profits

Frequently-asked questions

Do we need our own gym?
No! More than half of our games are hosted by elementary and middle schools that borrow their local high school or college gym. Ideal size is typically 800+ seats for week nights and 1000+ for weekends. Smaller gyms can also be successful depending on the demographics of your area and the date you select so please review details with a Wizards representative for a consultation
Who is the target audience?
Pre-school, elementary and middle school age kids and their families!
Do the Wizards provide tools and resources to help?
Yes! The Wizards give you a complete roadmap to success and provide just about everything including tickets, posters, flyers, eblasts, promotional videos, a step-by-step planning guide and ongoing tips and support from a previous Wizards host. Schedule permitting, the Wizards will also perform complimentary assemblies (or cafeteria visits) at your local elementary and middle schools to build excitement for the big game.
Why would other schools help us promote the game?
Our most successful hosts tell us that most (if not all) of the schools in their immediate area received at least a small financial benefit. If you are a single school, we encourage you to take advantage of the Wizards Official Ticket Incentive Program. At the core of the program is the ability to set up the online ticket sales portal to include a dropdown menu of all participating schools for ticket buyers to select which school they are affiliated with. You can then easily reward participating schools money back for each ticket sold associated with their school. Schools typically reward between $1- $2 per ticket. By giving other schools a small portion of the proceeds, they will have a vested interest in the events success
What do tickets cost?
As we are sensitive to the average income and other factors in your community, we work together with you to set appropriate pricing. General admission ticket prices typically range between $15-25. We also offer premium tickets, including "Courtside Plus" and "Reserved." Courtside Plus tickets (typically $35-$60) include courtside seating, a 10-minute meet and greet with 2-3 Wizards and 2 free souvenirs including a courtside plus "credential". Reserved tickets (typically $8-10 higher than student general admission prices) include a free souvenir and up-close reserved bleacher seats.
Where do we sell tickets?
  • The online box office on the Wizards website. It's convenient and from what we have seen, has the lowest ticket processing fee in the country - only $1.50 per ticket (charged to the ticket buyer)! You will receive login credentials so you can receive real time reporting on ticket sales
  • At your school (ex: during drop-off/pick up for elementary schools and at lunch for middle schools)
  • Other schools in district/area
  • At other events in the schools and community
  • Local stores and businesses - set up a ticket outlet in town.
Do the wizards provide insurance?
We maintain a $2 million liability policy and can name your school as additionally insured. Insurance is FREE with your event!
Can you provide references?
Yes! We have many customers willing to share feedback from their experience!
Is there audience involvement?
Yes! Our events are filled with clapping, laughing, dancing, and cheering. Kids, teens, adults and grandparents are a part of creating the excitement. This is not just a spectator event but rather something you feel. We call it the Wizard experience! Kids, teens and adults are often invited onto the court. Our pregame "Wiz Kid" jersey promotion kicks off the participation. Anyone wearing a Wizards jersey can warm up with the Wizards. We randomly pick kids and teens during our halftime show and the excitement builds when all kids and teens are asked to celebrate in dance with the Wizards on the court. The cherry on top is the FREE postgame autograph session. The Wizards don't depart until every kid/teen has the autograph(s) they desire, or until the lights shut off!
Where do the wizards travel?
The Harlem Wizards travel all around the USA and have played in over 20 countries around the world. Our three teams crisscross the nation in our customized travel vans, in addition to lots of frequent flier miles!
How long have the Harlem Wizards been around?
The Harlem Wizards have been dazzling audiences since 1962 with the same family at the helm since the beginning.
What does it cost?

Our rates vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year. We have two different pricing options based on the level of risk that you are comfortable with. After working with schools and non-profits since 1962, we have developed a pricing structure that can accommodate almost any situation leading to highly successful event. To get the full pricing picture and to qualify your request/plan/idea, please fill out the contact form and our area Sales Wizard will contact you.

What is needed to have a wildly successful event?

  • Procure a big enough gym. Ideal size is typically 800+ seats for weeknights and 1000+ for weekends. Smaller gyms can also be successful depending on the demographics of your area and date selected so please review details with a Wizards representative for a consultation.
  • An enthusiastic co-ed home team excited to play in front of the home crowd and ready to take on the Wizards! Typically popular teachers make up the majority of the team with representation from most schools in the area along with principals, mayors and other notable members of your community.
  • 5-6 dedicated volunteers to share in the planning responsibilities including, ticket sales, marketing, recruiting your home team and scheduling your complimentary Wizard assembly visits (schedule permitting)
  • Most Wizard hosts have approximately 20 game day volunteers in addition to their on-court team.
  • Support from all or most K-8 schools in your area/ district (typically the schools the feed into your event location) to help market this community event. This includes teachers and principals playing in the game, sending home and emailing flyers and hosting the Wizards for complimentary free assemblies.
  • You provide the referee. Official credentials are not necessary.

Ready to find out how the Wizards can help your fundraising efforts skyrocket?

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