Celebrity Parents Magazine Meets King Arthur

Published: April 28, 2016


Celebrity Parents magazine recently interviewed King Arthur about "his love of basketball, building a strong and loving foundation with his kids, and how sports can break down barriers."

You never know what you’re going to see, but you’re going to see everything basketball. You’re going to see dunking, shooting, crazy tricks. You’re going to see showmanship and phenomenal athletes and it’s up close, in-your-face entertainment. It’s very interactive, and anything can happen in a game. And then you have the wild card of who we’re playing against. It’s different every night, so we never know who we’re playing against. Sometimes we play against professional teams, or other times we’ll play against the mayor. We’ll play against the lunch lady or the teachers! And we never know ahead of time, which makes it more fun.

Read more at Celebrity Parents

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