Harlem Wizards' Todd Davis

Todd Davis grew up in Far Rockaway, NY in a sports household. His father scouted for The San Francisco Giants, and owned the Harlem Wizards. Meeting Willie Mays, hanging out in the Giants' dugout and playing one on one with Connie Hawkins was all part of his childhood.

Weekends were usually reserved for traveling with the Wizards, helping out, practicing the tricks, bothering the players, and enjoying the games. At 15 Todd went on his first International Trip with the Wizards to Israel. Since the Wizards brought the opposition team, Todd was on the New York Stars roster, and even made the Stars' first shot in front of 10,000 people in Tel-Aviv.

He joined his father with the Harlem Wizards after graduating from Albany State University in the early 1980's. He believed that the Wizards were amazing and he wanted to capitalize on the business side, on their tremendous reputation as a legendary basketball and entertainment team. In 1992, when his father died, he took over the Presidents' role with the Wizards.

Now 52 years after its founding, he has continued the legacy, and the Wizards now perform awe-inspiring shows for 500,000 fans a year, and counting.

The Harlem Wizards