Harlem Wizards' Howie Davis

In 1962, Howie Davis (HD), a native of Rockaway, NY founded the Harlem Wizards. This was far from his first venture in Sports, but this is the one that stuck.

At the age of 15, HD had an offer to leave home to play semi-pro baseball, and he went. That began his journey as a professional athlete, entrepreneur, and manager.

He played baseball for many different semi-professional barnstorming teams. At some point, he got into managing and promotion, and managed/promoted all of the major sports. From the Brooklyn Dodgers football team, to the Staten Island Stapes. He created, owned, and managed the Kokomo Clowns Baseball/Basketball Team.

The clowns, modeled after the Indianapolis Clowns, actually played in clown outfits! The late Red Holtzman, former Knicks championship coach, and a friend of Howie's, came out to play basketball with the Clowns, but didn't realize he was expected to wear a clown outfit. The two huddled, and for an additional $2 Red agreed to wear the outfit.

Howie continued to promote events, and eventually was a scout for the San Francisco Giants.

Obviously, Howie Davis had a penchant for combining Sports and Entertainment, well before it's time had come. The Harlem Wizards became one idea that stuck, and has survived the test of time.

Howie was also a pioneer in breaking color barriers. Prejudice infuriated him and he believed in Sport as the great equalizer, the ultimate merit system.

The Harlem Wizards